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Carbon Neutral Private Air Charter Governments and Foreign Nationals Worldwide Private Jet Membership Concierge

Artemis Air has extensive experience handling private jet charters and other charter flights for government agencies, foreign nationals and royalty throughout the world. 

Our extensive work expands across the globe and covers regions in the Americas, Africa, Europe, Asia and the Middle East. We’ve been successful arranging numerous international jet charter flights for these special clients with the assistance of our vast worldwide contacts. 

These charter flights range from private jet flights from Geneva to DC on a Gulfstream private jet to large group charters and equipment transport to the Middle East. 

The international flights are sometimes required by government agencies to transport equipment, groups or single passengers via airliners and jets.  All government and foreign national flights, except with formal permission, remain classified to protect vital intelligence.

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private jet

Whether chartering an aircraft for business or personal needs, all of the private air charter flights can be performed on airliners, jets, turboprops, piston props and helicopters. At Artemis Air our representatives are ready to assist in choosing the most appropriate aircraft types for your charter flight missions.
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carbon neutral

Carbon NeutralAt Artemis Air, our clients have the option of offsetting the carbon footprint of their private jet charter flights. To help keep our planet as clean as possible, we have partnered with Clean Currents to offer Renewable Energy Credits. Read more arrow